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NO RESERVATIONS: EUROPE - Bar, Restaurant & Hotel Locations

European Cuisine Such an amazing history that this continent has held and continues to do so. The many wars and revolutions it has witness, many of what we are originated from this place. Western culture as we know it today originated from ancient Greece. Along with these years of transition and growth has come a variety of different cuisines which are still visible today. Known for pasta, dumplings, beef, wines and the uses of condiments such as sauces, and finally some of the best desserts you'll ever experience. Dairy is also often used in cooking in Europe. Wiener Schnitzel, potato dumplings, etc.

European No Reservations Episodes Guide:

Vienna - located in Austria
Croatian Coast - located in Croatia
Prague - located in Czech Republic
London and Edinburgh - located in England
Finland - located in Finland
Burgundy - located in France
Brittany - located in France
Paris - located in France
Provence - located in France
Why the French Don't Suck - located in France
Berlin - located in Germany
Greek Islands - located in Greece
Iceland: Hello Darkness My Old Friend - located in Iceland
Ireland - located in Ireland
Emilia Romana - located in Italy
Naples - located in Italy
Rome - located in Italy
Sardinia - located in Italy
Sicily - located in Italy
Tuscany - located in Italy
Venice - located in Italy
Azores - located in Portugal
Lisbon - located in Portugal
Romania - located in Romania
El Bulli - located in Spain
Madrid - located in Spain
Spain - located in Spain
Sweden - located in Sweden
Ukraine - located in Ukraine

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