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No Reservations Episode: LONDON & EDINBURGH

London Cuisine - Fish and Chips The city of Edinburgh, as much of the rest of the UK have a vast and exciting history. Tony takes us around to meet much of the new culture including musicians and artists. We meet a popular chef whom has earned multiple Michelin stars. We visit the country side to eat local dishes and also visit a market to learn about the art of butchery. Drink a Guiness!

Hotels & Accommodations:

The Christopher North House Hotel
6 Gloucester Place, Edinburgh EH3 6EF, Scotland, UK

The recommended place to stay while you're in town.

Recommended Activities & Events:

Smithfield Market
London Central Markets, London EC1A 9PS, United Kingdom

800 year old open market - great meats.

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Guy Fieri's UK Suggestions: Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives UK Episode

The Cock Tavern
London Central Markets, London, EC1A 9LH
The one and only, Butcher's Breakfast!

The Kitchin
78 Commercial St., Edinburgh, EH6 6LX
Michelin-Star eatery, fantastic value.

The Mermaid Chip Shop
43-45 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6, United Kingdom
Owned by the famous chef Emeril Lagasse.

St. John Bread and Wine
94-96 Commercial St., London E1 6LZ
Pig head or roasted bone marrow.

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