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NO RESERVATIONS: ASIA - Bar, Restaurant & Hotel Locations

Asian Cuisine The biggest continent of them all and now is inhabited with well over four billion people, that is truly immense. At this scale, it is no wonder that there are almost 50 different countries in this region. The various cuisines can then be further sub-divided in to these regions which are generally placed in to east Asian (China, etc), southeast Asian (Thailand, etc), south Asian (India, etc), central Asian and finally middle eastern. There are plenty of good choices and we'd suggest you try the many flavors and textures. You will come across meats that you are not accustomed to, be adventurous!

Asian No Reservations Episodes Guide:

Cambodia - located in Cambodia
Asia Special: China and Japan - located in China
Harbin, China - located in China
Hong Kong - located in China
Macau - located in China
Shanghai - located in China
Indonesia - located in Indonesia
Kerala, India - located in India
Kolkata / Bombay India - located in India
Rajasthan India - located in India
Japan Cook It Raw - located in Japan
Japan - located in Japan
Tokyo - located in Japan
Korea - located in Korea
Laos - located in Laos
Philippines - located in Philippines
Malaysia: Into the Jungle - located in Malaysia
Penang - located in Malaysia
Russia - located in Russia
Singapore - located in Singapore
Sri Lanka - located in Sri Lanka
Thailand - located in Thailand
Uzbekistan - located in Uzbekistan
Vietnam: Central Highlands - located in Vietnam
Vietnam: The Island of Mr. Sang - located in Vietnam
Vietnam: There's No Place Like Home - located in Vietnam

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