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No Reservations Episode: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Dominican Republic Cuisine - Hot Sandwiches In this second to last final episode of the entire series, Tony makes his way to the beachy and tropical paradise referred to as the Dominican! He enjoys the fresh fish in this Caribbean paradise along with local drinks referred to as Viagra, full roasted pigs and more. He also swings by a late night restaurant that is open 24-hours per day for great sandwhiches.

Hotels & Accommodations:

Hotel Atarazana
Calle Vicente Celestino Duarte 19, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Great resort with amazing beaches and food.

Recommended Activities & Events:

Boca Chica Beach
Boca Chica Beach, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Really gorgeous beach with good food options.

Browse our list of Restaurants and other Places to Eat & Drink

Meson de Bari
Calle Hostos 302, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Local hot spot with live musicians.

El Cabito
Las Galeras, Samana, Dominican Republic
Enjoy a delicious lunch with seafood.

Playa Rincon, Dominican Republic
Grilled seafood that melt in your mouth.

Barra Payan
Avenida 30 de Marzo #140, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Hot sandwiches served for over 50 years!

Chimi El Caco
Calle Cesar Augusto Roque, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Grab the world-famous Chimichurri sandwich.

Cacheito's Place
Avenida Independencia, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Local favorite mashed plantains with salami.

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