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No Reservations Episode: PERU

Quebec Cuisine - Poutine When in Canada, Tony makes a pit stop in this French-inspired province that really stands apart from the rest of the country. He starts off in a popular duck farm where he enjoys some fresh foie gras. It doesn't stop there however as he eats some of the Canadian classics such as the poutine, maple syrup and Montreal-style bagels. Tony also learns hockey.

Hotels & Accommodations:

Le Manoir d'Auteuil
49, rue d'Auteuil, Vieux-Quebec, Quebec City

Quite location for this boutique hotel - A+

Recommended Activities & Events:

St. Pius X Culinary Institute
9955 Avenue Papineau, Montreal, QC H2B 1Z9, Canada

Indulge in an authentic cooking session, awesome!
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Au Pied de Cochon
536 Duluth Avenue East Montreal H2L 1A9, Canada
Lots of duck options - duck terrine!

La Maison Du Bagel
263 St. Viateur Ouest, Quebec, Canada
Best place to get bagels in Quebec.

La Banquise
94 Rue Rachel E, Quebec, Canada
If you like poutine, this is where to go.

La Cuisine Du Marche
153 Route Du Pont, Quebec G7A 2T3, Canada
The highest rated restaurant in Quebec.

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