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No Reservations Episode: NICARAGUA

Nicaraguan Cuisine - Gallo Pinto One of the most interesting countries which Tony pays a visit to, the political history from the past and current days make this episode one of the best yet. It is a country which holds an extreme, diverse cultural landscape. We are treated with locals, their traditional foods and made welcome in every sense. Basics include Platos, Refrescos and Postres!

Hotels & Accommodations:

Hotel Boutique Villa Maya
Residencial Las Colinas, Segunda Entrada, Managua, Nicaragua

A great location for a relaxing stay.

Recommended Activities & Events:

Islets of Granada
Puerto Asese, Marina Cocibolca, Granada, Nicaragua

Gorgeous views, take the kayak tour.
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Browse our list of Restaurants and other Places to Eat & Drink

Cafe del Poeta
Pan American Hwy, Esteli, Nicaragua
Delicious assortment of pupusas and tacos.

Managua street food
Avenida de las Naciones Unidas, Managua, Nicaragua
Local street spot for amazing burgers.

Bus station food
Pista del Mayoreo, Managua, Nicaragua
Surprisingly good bistec encebollado and salpicon.

Esteli street food
Pan American Hwy, Esteli, Nicaragua
Good local-style grilled chicken meal.

Casa de Campo Los Laureles
Pan American Hwy, Nicaragua
Awesome spot to enjoy some warm tripe soup.

Cantina Arauz
Pan American Hwy, Nicaragua
Sit back and have a drink, or two or three.

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