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No Reservations Episode: GREEK ISLANDS

Greek Islands Cuisine - Bone Soup This amazing journey starts off in Crete, one of the most sought after Greece locations. Tony explores the local fish market, a favorite first stop anywhere he visits. This allows him to get a real grasp of the people and foods. The fish here is some of the best. He drinks some strong and pure Raki, sees traditional dance, harvesting and the local bakery.

Hotels & Accommodations:

Kydon Hotel
Sofoklis Venizelos Sq. Chania, Crete, Greece

Fantastic location and comfort is top notch.

Recommended Activities & Events:

Arion Stables
Archagelos Michail, Chersonisos, Crete 70014, Greece

Ancient stables for horseback riding.
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Alitzarini Restaurant
Koilomenos, Zakynthos Greece
The braised rabbit is perhaps our favorite.

Neoria Seaside Taverna
Neoria, Chania 73100, Greece
Sheep milk cheese or the sea urchin roe.

Bougatsa Hanion
Bougatsa Chania, Apokoronou 37, 74100 Chania, Crete
Sweet cheeses made from scratch, tasty.

Pantheon Restaurant
2 Theodosaki Dirty Alley, Iraklion, Crete, Greece
Located just inside the Iraklia Market.

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