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Follow Anthony Bourdain's travels around the world - experience the journey.     [ season 5 ... episode 11 ]

No Reservations Episode: CHILE

Chile Cuisine - Sopaipillas In this episode, be prepared to explore the cities of Santiago and Patagonia! You quickly learn that most of the dishes in this part of the world are a mix of vegetables, protein and fruits. Tony tries several dishes which include wine-braised beef as well as sopaipillas. Meet the local people and even attend an authentic rodeo which is a local tradition.

Hotels & Accommodations:

Grand Hyatt Santiago
Av. Kennedy 4601, Santiago, Chile

This hotel will not disappoint you!

Recommended Activities & Events:

Cliffs Preserve
Decher 450, Of. 4, Puerto Varas, X Region Chile

Location where continent breaks to archipelago.
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Bar La Playa
Serrano, 567, Valparaiso, Chile
100 year old bar with good drink selection.

Donde el Gordito
San Bernardo #560, Puerto Varas, Chile
Seafood choices such as King Crab & Sea Bass.

El Hoyo
San Vicente 357, Santiago, Chile
Roased pig shoulder with Terremoto (drink).

Don Vittorio
Mercado Puerto 2, Piso Local N? 51, Valparaiso, Chile
Century old market - plenty of food choices.

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